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Davindra Dhanessar Realtor

  Build Your Investment Portfolio by Partnering With Platinum Real Estate

When you partner with Platinum Real Estate you are partnering with a professional real estate investment company who has hands on experience in all aspects of real estate investing which includes flipping, new construction, and non-owner occupied rental property. We create value for our investors by maximizing the full potential of their investments.  Our acquisition strategies encompass numerous investment methodologies we undertake on behalf of our clients to generate attractive returns. We target properties in value-based markets that represent strong growth in equity and potential for high rental income. If you have money to invest and are looking for exceptional returns on you investment please contact us today.

Benefits of Investing With Platinum Real Estate:


High Returns

Considering the limited risk of real estate as an investment vehicle returns are exceptional.  Our investors achieve an IRR return of at least 15%+ over a 5 to 10 year holding period.  

Investment Approach

Our extensive understanding of the local real estate market enables us to help our clients choose ideal properties that meet their investment goals and risk tolerance. Understanding the local market allows us to accurately evaluate properties that are likely to be strong performers for our valued clients. We customize each opportunity to include considerations such as tax liability to fit each client’s needs.  


We performs an extensive vetting process which includes a careful analysis of all prospective properties. This process generally includes a full appraisal, market analysis, rental analysis, and engineering and environmental assessment.

Self-Directed 401(K)

If you are currently self-employed or retired you can use your retirement funds to achieve high returns out of your real estate investments. We help investors set up a self-directed 401(k) account and guide them regarding real estate investment opportunities allowed by the IRS.

Hedge against Inflation

Real estate is one of the few assets that react proportionately to inflation. As inflation occurs, housing values go up and rents go up. Can you then see why owning real estate is a good thing?


Whether you are looking to sell, buy or rent call us let us know how we can help. We want to be your Realtor for Life.

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